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Tim Varey of Batsford Stud recently put our range of Stablemate products to the ultimate test. A highly regarded stud and foaling centre, Batsford Stud is home to some of the world’s most renowned stallions, including the sire to one of our 2021 colts, English 2000 Guineas winner Haafhd, Harbour Law, Passing Glance and Swiss Spirit.

Two former Batsford residents include Danon Ballade, the son of Deep Impact and Sire of our 2019 homebreds Rushford and Whispering Song and the late Cockney Rebel, dual Guineas winner and Sire of another of our 2021 colts.

Housing so many champion stallions, Batsford Stud is the perfect location to test the capabilities of our suite of Stablemate cleaning solutions. Read on to discover the outcome.


“We regularly deep clean our stables with a steam cleaner with the water temperature set at 100◦c and we also use leading DEFRA approved disinfectants to ensure we keep the yard and stables as infection free as possible. This due to the high turnover of horses at our stud, especially in the breeding season.”


Starting with Boxfresh, Tim noted that this was the first time he had used a cleaning product specifically designed for equine environments without risking damage to the components of the steam machine.

Using the highest dose recommendation of 60mL per 10L of water, Tim diluted the cleaner into a separate 20L container (120mL of cleaner concentrate). He then used an EHRLE steam cleaner, setting the solution mix rate at 7, which provided a generous application of cleaner with the jet wash. The average box took around 30/40mins to clan on average using 7/8L of diluted cleaner per stable.

Although not a disinfectant, the cleaning power combined with the temperature of the steam cleaner made deep cleaning the stables much more efficient. It helped remove heavily soiled areas and the difference between clean and dirty areas was instantly visible. On average, Tim reduced the time spent on each box by around 25%.

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Once the Boxfresh clean was complete, Tim applied Dis-In-Fect using a professional pump sprayer to ensure the best disinfection results. Using the highest dose recommendation for the DEFRA approved control of infectious disease, he used 1 tablet per 1.5 litres of water. Giving each stable a thorough spray throughout and paying special attention to the most visited parts of the stable (i.e. mangers, auto drinkers, buckets and doors).

Using this combination of products, Tim was very satisfied and confident that each stable was now as sterile and infection-free as possible.

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TOP TIP: Remember to rinse water drinkers and mangers with just clean water prior to horses using them to remove any residual chloride.

Next up: the trigger sprays.

Beginning with a liberal spraying of Cleanse and wiping away with a clean sponge, Tim used clean water with a sponge to remove any residual foam and found that the product was hugely effective for cleaning the areas in a stable that horses visit the most.

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Finally, it was time to put Equaroma to the test. Tim was apprehensive about trying this product as had been let down by other air freshening stable products from other companies in the past. But he was pleasantly surprised, with he and the whole Batsford team finding that it was the first of its kind to work as advertised.

Tim applied a liberal spraying of Equaroma to areas in the stable with strong ammonia smells, he found that it instantly deodorised soiled areas and left behind a pleasant smell which remained for many hours after cleaning.

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“I now have 4 fantastic products that we will now keep in our stable cleaning armoury . I look forward to working with AGMA in the future.”