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Leave bad odours behind, Pong-GO leaves spaces clean, deodorised, and with a fresh pine scent. Pong-GO is available in a 500ml bottle with a trigger spray nozzle.


Professional cleaning and deodorising product for animal environments.

This exceptional cleaning product for pet owners is a ready for use multipurpose detergent cleaner for hard surfaces which in addition to its excellent cleaning properties leaves a nice clean pine bouquet after use.

Pong-GO can be used as part of your regular daily cleaning routine.

Pong-GO is suitable for use on most hard surfaces, floors, walls, doors, worktops, ceramics, toilets and paintwork, using the properties of pine oil to effectively clean hard surfaces leaving a fresh pine aroma.

Pong-GO is packed in convenient 500ml bottles, fitted with an ergonomic trigger spray that has an adjustable nozzle to provide different spray patterns.

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To operate the trigger spray nozzle 500ml bottle:

The square nozzle has two OFF positions, STREAM (Jet) and SPRAY (Mist).
Turn nozzle to required spray option for use.
After use, turn to OFF position.


Any heavy soils should be physically removed or scraped from the surface.
Apply Pong-GO to the surface and allow a short dwell time.
Use brush or cloth to help loosen soils.
Rinse with clean water.

Contains Pine Oil.

May produce an allergic reaction.

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Pong-GO Data Sheet



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