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Increase confidence with our efficient multipurpose detergent cleaner, which holds a refreshing pine scent. Cleanse is available in a 1L bottle with a trigger spray nozzle.


Achieve a superior clean and keep your champions at the top of their game by incorporating Stablemate’s Cleanse spray into your stable disinfecting routine.

Containing no harsh or abrasive chemicals, Cleanse by Stablemate provides a superior clean across stables, horseboxes, stall mats, floors, walls, doors, worktops, ceramics, toilets and paintwork.

Best used before our Dis-in-fect tablets to help promote your yard’s biosecurity.

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To operate the trigger spray 1L bottle:

The nozzle has two OFF positions, STREAM (jet) and SPRAY (mist).
Turn nozzle to required spray option for use.
After use, turn to OFF position.


Any heavy soils should be physically removed/scraped from the surface.
Apply Cleanse to the surface and allow a short dwell time.
Use a brush or cloth to help loosen soils.
Rinse with clean water.

Avoid contact with eyes. If the substance has got into eyes, immediately wash out with plenty of water for several minutes.

Avoid contact with skin. If the substance touches the skin, rinse with clean water.

Not suitable for ingestion. If ingestion occurs, seek medical attention.

Do not inhale. If inhalation occurs, move into fresh air and keep at rest in a position comfortable for breathing and seek medical attention.

Cleanse Data Sheet


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