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Explore these Stablemate resources, curated to help you keep your equine environment on top form.

Resource Hub

Explore these Stablemate resources curated to help you keep your equine
environment on top form.

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Equine herpes virus outbreak, competition centre praised for its actions.
Owners have been urged to be aware and a competition centre and livery yard praised for its actions following...
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AGMA Races at Sedgefield Boxing Day 2019
Stablemate by AGMA sponsored two races in the Boxing Day Meeting at Sedgefield. Here are the two winners...
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AGMA sponsored jockey 2019 ARO Champion
Seated here front right holding his 2019 ARO Champion Jockey’s trophy is our AGMA sponsored jockey 24yr...
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We’ve now officially got wheels!
So the last few months have been super hectic with work, learning to drive the lorry and competing Merlin....
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‘We must pull together’ to beat EQUINE FLU as outbreak roars on unabated
The equine flu outbreak shows no sign of abating – and the number of cases is likely to rise as the competition...
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Macys Top Tips For A Non Loader
If you have a horse that will not load into a horse box here are my tips to overcome the issue. 1. Groundwork...
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Biosecurity Plan Guide

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Biosecurity Checklist

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Event Biosecurity Guide

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Tips for Quarantine

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