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Biosecurity Box

The Complete Equine Biosecurity Toolkit.
Achieve a cleaner and safer environment for your horse.

Ensure your horse’s health is fully protected with the Stablemate Biosecurity Box.
Featuring our full suite of equine hygiene products, the Biosecurity Box includes:

Boxfresh – 1 x 1 L Precision Dosing Bottle

Cleanse – 2 x 1L Trigger Sprays

Dis-In-Fect – 1 Tub containing 100 Tablets

Equaroma – 2 x 1L Trigger Sprays

Chlorine Test Strips – 1 Pot of 100 Test Strips

Boxfresh Datasheet

Cleanse Datasheet

Dis-in-fect Datasheet

Equaroma Datasheet

For specific information regarding our testing, test results, and the Biocidal Products Regulations please contact us at or +44 1434 320 598.

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