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What people who have used STABLEMATE products have to say

“it leaves the stables with no real odour and feeling fresh and would recommend the product”

Tory Hayter - Assistant TrainerEd Dunlop Racing Ltd

We have tried the whole range of the AGMA Stablecare assortment and use the disinfectant tablets on a daily basis. The tablets make dosing simple and are safe to use. Also the test strips provide certainty for the correct dilution. This is very important when dealing with chemicals. We are also using the lavender spray for everyone . Boxfresh is easily integrated into the stable cleaning regime, we recommend it!

Ilka Gansera-LevequeTrainer and Practising Vet

I applied the EQUAROMA starting last Monday after cleaning and applied to all the bedding.I did this every day for them. YES, I did notice a difference in behaviours. Not as “crazy” to get out,calm,settled and just a good center point. They peruse the barn with a calm mindset. This time of year they can get quite frisky with all the feed and time inside. I am not experiencing this with them and they are showing me a more calm and centered behaviour. I am a believer in oils, just did not get to the point yet where I made the bridge to animals….you did with this great product.
I love it!

(Deborah rehab’s one Thoroughbred off the track every year transforming them from the track to being a horse gentle enough for an 8 year old rider. Her biggest passion is endurance riding and she uses both her Tennessee Walkers for these trips.)

Deborah HaringUSA

I had a great opportunity to try Amga’s stablemate products and they do not disappoint. I have 1 horse in particular that can be a little stressy in the stable and has a tendency to box walk. After using the Dis-In-Fect & Boxfresh products, I decided to try the Equaroma to see if it would help him to relax more in the stable, as well as making the stable smell amazing!! The Equaroma did calm his box walking, he was more inclined to just have his head over the stable door!

I would highly recommend all of Agma’s Stablemate products.

Lianne Morrow

“Yes I’ve been using the products and think they are wonderful. I try and disinfect on a daily basis so rotate the products. I especially love the lavender spray as my horse is ill and spends a lot of time in his stable so I feel that a clean, fresh smelling stable is essential. I use the tablets (once dissolved) to clean his buckets and nut ball.

Everyone comments how lovely his stable looks and smells and I don’t spend hours cleaning it.

I would highly recommend the full cleaning range.


Loren Ovall

“We received the kit, and are very happy with it so far!!

The stable aroma, whilst I cannot comment on the calming aspect of it, it certainly helps to eliminate odours in the stable. My gelding is quite wet and whilst mucking out the smell of ammonia is strong. But after sweeping and spraying the floor, the ammonia smell has gone within minutes. I would certainly buy this in larger containers to be able to include the horsebox too.

The stable cleanse is fantastic for day to day cleaning. I have tried it for cleaning the stable walls (brick), and it is incredible for the dark grease stains around mangers and haynets, and other stable stains. It did such a good job, someone asked if I had repainted! It is also good for the buckets that never seem to come up clean however much you scrub them.

I haven’t yet had the chance to try the Dis-infect, but I am waiting for that day.”

Victoria Wilson-Wright

“I’m loving the new AGMA range of equine disinfectants and can say it’s now part of my daily stable cleaning routine as the smell is highly addictive!! I have five stables and struggle as they are all indoors and have no air flow. The ‘Boxfresh’ was great a lovely fresh and long lasting smell but my two favs are the ‘Stable Fresh & Aquaroma’ they are as I say part of the daily routine now!! I am totally addicted and feel the benefits of having a clean and fresh smelling stable yard has had a positive effect on me, here’s hoping it has the same effect on the horses too. Stable management is a very important part of owning a horse, I am always on the look out to find good products, I would definitely recommend trying these.”

Jo HolmeNaylors Barn, Romsley, West MidlandsBequestrian