Many peer reviewed studies have demonstrated that the environment plays a role in the transmission of infections. Environmental surfaces and equipment are important reservoirs for pathogens increasing the risk of transmission between animals either through their direct contact with contaminated surfaces or by contaminating the hands of their handlers who then transfer these pathogens to other surfaces and other animals. This type of evidence supports the need to improve cleaning and disinfection of environmental surfaces and equine equipment.

    Selecting the correct cleaning & disinfectant products is essential for effective disinfection in combination with their correct application onto surfaces, the training of those who apply them and their adherence to the manufacturer’s label and instructions for use. This combination of product and good practice results in effective surface disinfection reducing the risk and spread of diseases as well as improving equine patient outcomes. Always use a DEFRA approved, BPR compliant disinfectant at General Orders concentration for routine Disinfection purposes or at the DEFRA specified concentration for specific statutory Disease Orders notices as specified.

    When choosing your disinfectant carefully consider the overall cost not just the price of the disinfectant itself. Your calculations should also include several other factors including labour time to set up and use the product, equipment required, the cost of non-compliance due to factors such as time constraints, safety concerns or inaccessibility plus the risks and costs associated with increased infections including potential shutdown

    The easier and safer a product is to use, the more likely we are to use it and thus achieve compliance. Cleaning and Disinfectant products should be available in convenient formats e.g. trigger sprays, pre impregnated wipes, concentrates and ready to use solutions. Trigger sprayers should be fitted with variable spray nozzles for added operator control to enable access to those hard to reach areas. Wipes should be composed of a durable substrate that will not easily tear, fall apart or dry out too quickly. Concentrates should be easy to handle and dose safely.

    We took all these factors into account and have designed and developed the STABLEMATE by AGMA product range to be cost effective, convenient & easy to use. The range is still growing and we have several products in the development pipeline currently on trial with various equine stakeholders as we work together to keep our animals healthy and happy the STABLEMATE by AGMA WAY.