Meet Alfie!

Hi all – let me introduce myself.

My name is Alfie Ovall and I live in a small village in Hampshire. I’m 9 years old and due to a few medical conditions have been retired (yah!) by Holly my vet.  My best friend is called Jasper who I share my paddock with and every morning we have great fun showing the girls next door our hot new dance moves. Our mums usually go into melt down at this stage, but “live each day like its your last” is what I say!

Laura’s first Blog for STABLEMATE

So this year has definitely been a roller coaster. After making the heartbreaking decision to retire my fantastic mare Elfi in January (that’s us in the photo above). I said I wasn’t going to buy another horse, but instead try to breed from her and wait for the foal to grow up. I think I lasted 2 weeks!

My instructor managed to persuade me to come a see a horse he had in. The owner wanted to loan him out and apparently he would be perfect for me. I was pretty sceptical – nothing could be as nice as Elfi – but I went along.

Ready to Run

The 2018 Flat season is well under way with Royal Ascot next week evoking great memories of 2015. Our latest generation have pleased us greatly, are well into fast work and will run shortly.  

Future Plans

Jewelled and her new Ruler of the World filly load up for her assignation with……………

New Additions

Our new Archipenko ex Cushat Law Colt