June means Area Festival!

For me June always means Area Festival! The prep this year has been a bit more organised than usual if I’m honest. With Merlin being young I wanted to give him the best possible chance of doing well……

Its been a very busy April!

So at the end of my last blog I mentioned we were off to do some BD Novice tests to try to qualify for the Petplan Area Festival …..

Clean Legs

It’s been a busy few weeks with Merlin! I decided to push ourselves a bit this month and really try to come out of the Winter well. We entered our first Novice test together…..

It’s A New Year

Happy New Year all!

Well I’m back and I’ve had an interesting few weeks. Firstly, I put my back out due to play time with the gang getting a bit out of hand, followed by a bout of colic………….

Lessons Pay Off!

Christmas has been a bit of a whirlwind! I decided to have a lesson the night I broke up from work so give myself a kick up the backside. The dark nights had really got to me and I was finding it difficult to find any motivation to ride. My instructor, Paul Langford, did exactly that and Merlin was amazing. We worked on collection and then asking for medium after and he was pinging.

Saddle Fitter Solved The Bucking Problem.

Merlin had the saddle fitter a couple of weeks ago and it has definitely solve the bucking problem.

Neither saddle was fitting correctly any more as he’s changed shape so much since he came. I managed to get back on board a couple of days before the local unaffiliated dressage finals at Alnwick Ford Equestrian. I decided to take him just for the experience, knowing we weren’t very well prepared.