Norman is Growing Up!

Look how small I was compared to me now!

Check out this video, looking good aren’t I.  (Oh by the way my posh name is Rainford.)

Meet Norman

Hi my name’s Norman and I’m one and half year’s old. My birthday is 23rd of February 2017. I was 50kg when I was born and my mum says I got to my feet quickly and soon learnt to suckle.

We lived in a stable but I was allowed out for an hour or so every day until the weather got warmer and then we spent the days in our paddock with my friends.

When I was six months old six of us boys went to live together and our mums went off because they were going to have our brothers and sisters. I have a little brother called Chip, who I am sure you will meet later.

The boys and me play quite rough but have great fun. The only time it hasn’t been fun was when a dog got into the paddock and chased us. We ran through the gate; that stung a bit! None of us were really hurt but we moved paddocks and two of the boys went to live somewhere else.

My best friend is Johnny and he makes me laugh.

At the moment we are preparing to go and learn to be ridden, so we have to learn to accept a bit and spend the nights on our own in a stable. I can see the boys so its quite nice really sleeping on a warm, soft bed. I don’t know what my new home is going to be like but my big brother’s already there and the boys are coming so I’m sure it will be fine.

When I get to my new home I’ll tell you more because I will have to go in a horse box for the first time. It’s all very exciting!