Stablemate by AGMA is sponsoring two young Jockey’s Alex Chadwick & Thomas Willmott. Their wins are recorded here and should we have available photographs of them in action we will add them to the Photo Gallery.

Alex Chadwick

09/06/19     Wins on Tijaary     2:00 PM     Wolverhampton     Link

06/05/19     Wins on Sandygate     4:55 PM     Northaw     Link

06/05/19     Wins on Net d’Ecosse     3:00 PM     Northaw     Link

22/04/19     Wins on Silvergrove     5:15 PM     Fakenham     Link

30/03/19     Wins on Abbey Lane     4:25 PM Horseheath     Link

Thomas Willmott

23/06/19    Wins on Chanceiton     3:50 PM     Hexham     Link

15/06/19    Wins on Ringaringarosie     2:15 PM     Hexham

01/06/19     Wins on Kitty Fisher     4:45 PM     Hexham

15/05/19     Wins on Emirat De Catana     9:05 PM     Perth     Link

14/05/19     Wins on Ringaringarosie     2:40 PM     Sedgefield

08/04/19     Wins on Make It Happen     5:10 PM     Kelso     Link

08/04/19     Wins on Mrs Vonn     3:10 PM     Kelso     Link

While a lot of his spare time is spent on the golf course Andrew (a Business Manager at AGMA) also has an interest in photography. He has started accompanying his wife, who is besotted with horses, to horse events. On these trips he takes his camera and in these galleries you will find a collection of the shots he has captured.