Photo from the past, my first day riding wearing the AGMA brand.


The start of a new year and new beginnings for the 2021 National Hunt Season.

Apologises for the lack of blog writing over the past while I’ve been rushed of my feet. The start of the 2021 season has been slow to get going after Christmas as a result to horrendous weather.

I’m delighted to announce my new job working for Sue and Harvey Smith at their Bingley base, Craiglands Farm based in North Yorkshire. I’m exited for a new challenge and building new connections in a new area.

I worked for Lucinda Russell for four years and had a great education and had some great days in and out of the saddle. I can’t thank Lucinda and her partner Peter Scudamore enough for their help, support and guidance over four years. I really wouldn’t be where I am in my career without them.

Racing is a sport where you are only as good as your last ride or day at work. Progression and improvement is crucial to keep a good career in racing and I felt I needed to spread my wings to a new yard to try and work my way up the ladder.

Sue and Harvey Smith are renowned for their education of jockeys producing them into top drawer horsemen but also good people. Jockeys such as the legendary Jim Crowley, Dominic Ellsworth and 2013 Grand National hero Ryan Mania are just a handful of riders that have passed through their hands over the years.

I’m very much looking forward to getting my career moving and progressing with hopefully as many winners as I can in 2021. This week seems to be getting busier with Catterick, Wetherby, Kelso and Haydock all hoping to get the go ahead if the weather gets milder.

This week also marks my two year anniversary with AGMA. I’m very lucky to have a strong association with AGMA and its a pleasure to represent the business during my working day.

Happy New Year & I hope everyone is keeping safe and well.