So at the end of my last blog I mentioned we were off to do some BD Novice tests to try to qualify for the Petplan Area Festival at novice too. I was feeling a little apprehensive as it was a List 1 judge and I really don’t like novice 30 for some reason. He warmed up perfectly and considering how hot it was over the Easter weekend, he really tried hard for me. He performed really well in both tests, staying with me the whole way and was really on my aids. I was amazed when he won both classes with 68% – I really wasn’t expecting it as there was some fantastic combinations there. I really think I’ve got a very special boy on my hands.

Because he’s now qualified at Prelim and Novice I’m going to save my pennies and get out and have some more lessons to prepare for the Area Festival. We’ve been up to Benridge Equestrian Center for a lesson with my dressage instructor Paul Langford, which was amazing and I had a flat lesson at home with Melissa Chapman. I need to get out to somewhere with a 20x60m arena so I can run through my tests as it’s been a while since I rode in a long arena! Once the Area’s are done I’m going to get him out again and hopefully get qualified for the Regional Championships at Prelim and Novice, as well as going to the Cob Championships and Coloured Championships as he’s part cob.

Since we’re all done with qualification I thought it would be nice to have some fun. We entered a local show cross competition for a bit of a change. I was super nervous, I hate jumping anyway and Merlin had never jumped rustic fences so I was a tad concerned he might be tricky. Once again, I shouldn’t have worried at all! Apart from being so interested in the rustic fence he nearly touched the first one with his nose, he absolutely flew around the course, taking everything in his stride and came home with a nice red frilly!! We also had an amazing jumping lesson with Will, tackling tight turns and angled lines, and I actually enjoyed it for a change.

You might remember from my first blog I have another horse Elfi. She has been temporarily retired at my friends farm in Northallerton since January last year as I was going to try to have a foal off her. Unfortunately she didn’t take and after a few attempts my bank balance said no more! I’ve managed to find a lovely loan family for her at the yard where I keep Merlin which is super exciting! It means she can come home and I’ll be able to spend a bit of time with her. The girl is lovely and really ready to make the move onto horses. Elfi is such a lovely horse to ride and is a total pro at dressage and very brave jumping so she’ll definitely be a fab horse to learn on! Obviously she’ll need a lot of rehab work done with her at first but they are prepared for that and I’ve said I’ll be around should they want advice.

Its been a very busy April, I feel like I haven’t rested at all but it’s been amazing! From two weddings, lots of pony fun, days out with the husband and doggy adventures with Maggie its been a blast! I can’t wait till the next holiday!!