Unseen pathogenic fungi like Aspergillus can seriously affect the respiratory system of a horse and have a marked impact upon it’s performance. Not only does it result in direct respiratory effects it can also lead to recurring bouts of secondary bacterial and viral infections due to associated immune suppression.Unless steps are taken to remove this unseen pathogen from the stable environment achieving consistency of equine performance is going to be extremely difficult.

Better management of the Stable Environment by regular Cleaning & Disinfection with high quality detergents and DEFRA approved Disinfectant from Stablemate by AGMA range plus choice of adequate bedding and forage treatment can make a significant, long term difference to a horse’s health and performance. Improving the stable environment leads to consistency of health resulting in less use of medication and better long term performance.

There is an interesting article covering this topic in the April – June 2019 – issue of the Trainer Magazine. It is on page 55 and can be viewed by clicking the button below.