It’s been a busy few weeks with Merlin! I decided to push ourselves a bit this month and really try to come out of the Winter well. We entered our first Novice test together, I deliberately chose Novice 24 as it’s my favourite one to start with. I’d practiced a few times with him and he found the canter a bit tricky as he’s so big but on the day he was so so rideable! His medium canter and trots were pinging and his canter was so balanced and grown up. He feels really strong and good at the moment. I was absolutely amazed with the results – he scored 78% and even got a 9 for his paces! I couldn’t be prouder of how hard he tries for me.

We then went off to do our first Affiliated BD tests the following weekend. I spent the night before scrubbing him and put so much chalk on his legs you needed sunglasses. Merlin was a tad fresh in the warm up, kicking his heels up and throwing his weight around! He was a little tricky in the first test and made me really ride for every movement. Before his second test I put his massage pad on for a good half an hour and gave him a good long warm up. He felt much looser and absolutely pinged around his second test.

Once again he scored well, getting 68% and 73% and winning both classes! I’ve really fallen on my feet with him and I know I’m so so lucky to have him.

We’re off to another BD show this weekend, hopefully we’ll get our last qualifying score for the areas and then we might try to get him qualified at Novice as well.