Happy New Year all!

Well I’m back and I’ve had an interesting few weeks. Firstly, I put my back out due to play time with the gang getting a bit out of hand, followed by a bout of colic because Jasper and I decided to eat from the hedgerow and finally on Christmas Eve, Holly my personally physician had to be called out again as I had a skin infection! All I had on Christmas Day from mum was “all the things she could be doing and she ends up shampooing a scabby horse”…… she thinks she has problems ….. I’ve been given the worst hair cut across my saddle area so there’s no way I can take my rugs off until the summer time! However, I’m pleased to say that Santa didn’t let me down this year and he delivered some very tasty treats.

The bad news is that Holly has recommended that I go on a diet! So after that devastating piece of news I might have to update my likes and dislikes list! Apparently, there is no reason why I can’t be lunged in the school….. have they both gone mad. Do they not remember the last incident involving the school, a lunge line and a veterinary nurse? Well let’s just say I’ve never seen anyone run and jump the fence so fast when I was asked to demonstrate my hot moves. Personally, the whole lunging thing isn’t going to happen – ever and I’ll make sure of that – hehehe….

Anyway – must dash, people to see and grass to eat – until next next time.

Alfie. Xx