If you have a horse that will not load into a horse box here are my tips to overcome the issue.

1. Groundwork is key- try getting the horse to work through a tunnel of poles- backwards too 😳. Then try waking over wooden sheets so they get used to the noise.

2. I use a dually halter- this rewards horses for good behaviour and schools them for unwanted behaviour. Use the pressure and release system to when the horse moves onto the ramp then pressure is taken away and that is a reward for a horse.

3. Patience is key! Act like you’ve got 15 minutes then it will take hours. Act like you have hours then it will take 15 minutes.

4. Practice practice practice! Make sure it’s a pleasant experience for the horse too. By keeping up the process then the horse won’t forget what to do.

5. Get help if need be. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help as loading horses can be difficult and people are more experienced than others.

6. Never use violence! The horse may give in to violence at first but trust me it will end up fighting back!

Pictures show me loading a 4 year who had fallen up a ramp and wouldn’t load anymore, until now!