Now the winter is coming your horse is likely to spend more time in his stable so it’s important that it’s given a good deep clean whilst you can still turn your horse out for the day.

Spending more time inside can lead to an increased risk of infections for your horse such as thrush and respiratory problems both of which are exacerbated by high ammonia levels from trapped urine, faecal matter and general dust & dirt. All this needs to be removed by a thorough deep-clean.

First turn your horse out and put on suitable outer clothing. Strip the stable contents out completely, including removable fittings, pulling up any unfixed rubber matting. Then use the STABLEMATE by AGMA two step process of Cleaning and Disinfection for best results.

1) Using high quality detergent cleaners such as BOXFRESH & STABLE-CLEANSE, scrub the floors, walls and matting, ensuring that you use an appropriate, small brush to get into all the corners. Rinse and allow surfaces to dry fully.

2) Follow by spraying with a solution of DIS-IN-FECT, our DEFRA approved disinfectant, made up to the concentration required for General Orders, having followed the label and manufacturers instructions. Allow surfaces to dry thoroughly before re placing similarly cleaned & disinfected matting and making up your horses new bed.

N.B. If your stable has adequate drainage, pressure-washing it with BOXFRESH, high quality detergent, rinsing and leaving to dry followed by spraying with a solution of DIS-IN-FECT, DEFRA approved disinfectant, with a professional trigger or back pack sprayer will kill off bacteria and leave it looking as good as new.

The same STABLEMATE two step process can also be applied to your horse-box or trailer too. Always ensure that the horse area has been fully cleaned out and thoroughly disinfected as leaving droppings or wet bedding in your horse-box will damage the floor.


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